Demi Moore Tweets About 'Anger' as Rumors of Divorce Swirl

As divorce rumors swirl, Demi Moore has taken to Twitter to express a Greek philosophical quote on anger.

The past few days have been a difficult time for Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher as more details emerge of his alleged infidelity. However, with the couple remaining mostly quiet the rumors have not yet been confirmed or denied.

Reports have insisted that the couple has been living separately “for months” and that their six-year marriage is set for a $290 million divorce.

Just last year similar rumors arose as Kutcher was accused of adultery. At that time the couple came out to deny the allegations and took a “spiritual” trip to Israel together.

Tabloids and celebrity magazines have been reporting that a 23-year-old San Diego woman has demanded $250,000 for a story of affair with Kutcher.

Using her Twitter account with username MrsKutcher, Moore wrote on Friday, “When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger –Epictetus.”

The Greek philosopher’s advice for handling anger may represent Moore’s own rage toward Kutcher if rumors of his unfaithfulness are true.

Earlier this month, Moore also tweeted that she was “trying to find the light I lost.”