Dennis Rodman Fired From 'Celebrity Apprentice' for Misspelling Melania Trump's Name (VIDEO)

Dennis Rodman has been fired on "Celebrity Apprentice" after angering Donald Trump's wife with the misspelling of her name.

Rodman's team was composed of Playboy Playmate Brande Roderick, Trace Adkins, and rapper Lil Jon. The group was charged with developing an ad for Melania Trump's skincare line. But apparently Rodman signed off on andad that misspelled the wife's name as "Milania."

Because Trump has spoken in favor of Rodman so frequently, it appeared his team would start off with an edge. But by the end of the night, it was Rodman himself who was in the hot seat. Melania's name appeared in the tagline of the groups advert and while no one noticed the spelling error, since Rodman had volunteered as team captain, he was fired despite all of Trump's previous well wishes.

"I guess they should have appointed someone to proof read the ad when it came back from the printer," one Internet user wrote on the Huffington Post blog.

The opposing team got off "lucky," according to some reports and would have likely faced elimination, had it not been for the spelling error. One user even went as far as to suggest that it was unfair of Trump to fire Rodman over the mishap, adding that his current wife wouldn't be Mrs. Trump for long.

"WoW in the big picture this is totally important! Who cares about misspelling her name it's so close to being his ex-wife's name it's a joke," the user wrote on the blog.

While Rodman may have lost favor with Donald Trump, it appears that he is still a close friend of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

"I couldn't believe how much we had to talk about," Rodman said Monday of his relationship with the leader, according to The Herald Sun. "He loves basketball and told me he's worn my jersey- No.91- every day since he was a kid."

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