Chicago Bulls NBA Trade Rumors: Derrick Rose Ready for Team USA, 2014-2015 Season Next

The trade rumor mill has quieted down since most, if not all, free agents have found a home for the upcoming 2014-2015 season. The FIBA has also gone underway and is currently garnering the attention of basketball fans.

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Not all players have opted to play for their respective countries though as many have chosen to rest before the season kicks off.

Regarding the FIBA World Cup, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose has gotten back on his feet and is playing as a starter for Team USA, alternating with Kyrie Irving as point guard in their exhibition game against Slovenia this coming Saturday in Spain.

Coach Mike Krzyzewski has opted for the alternating role since Rose is still working his way to full recovery after a second comeback from a major knee injury for the past 28 months.

Rose has also opted to rest when he needed to, sitting out two practice sessions and a game last week in New York. There was a possibility that Rose could be sitting out one game in a group play as Team USA plays five games in six days, but it looks like Rose is now ready to play again.

Krzyzewski had repeatedly made sure that Rose was in tip-top shape whenever he had to play.

"I asked him today, and he said, 'I feel great.' He did everything. He's full go. I think there's a part of him that's like: 'Quit asking me how I feel. I'm good.' So I'm not going to ask him anymore," said Krzyzewski Monday to ESPN.