Detroit Dad Gets Life in Prison: D'Andre Lane Calls Judge 'Liar,' Says Bianca Jones is Alive

Detroit dad D' Andre Lane gets life in prison without parole in the presumed death of his 2-year-old daughter Bianca Jones. Following his sentencing, Lane had an outburst, calling the judge a liar.

Prosecutors in the case said that Lane, 33, killed Bianca Jones after he hit her with a stick for wetting her bed. They also said he faked a carjacking in an effort to cover up her death.

Lane was convicted of first-degree murder in October. He has maintained his innocence, insisting that his daughter was kidnapped during a carjacking and remains missing.

"My daughter is alive. She's missing, she will be found," the Detroit dad said before he was sentenced by the judge to life in prison. "It's easy to point the finger at me. We will correct every wrong that's taken place in this system."

Bianca Jones' body has never been found. Prosecutors believe that Lane used an incinerator to dispose of her body.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Vonda R. Evans told Lane that he used "sex, manipulation, mental abuse and excessive discipline" to control those around. She referred to Bianca as "that poor child."

Lane admitted to police that he spanked Bianca for wetting her bed but denied that he killed her. Bianca is one of Lane's seven children, all whom he has fathered with different woman.

Bianca's mom Banika Jones has sided with Lane, giving a statement of support before the court Monday.

"They never looked for my daughter … They never really cared. They only wanted evidence and a conviction and to close out the case without solving it," she told the court. "I want the court to know they made a mistake, and I intend to correct it."

Terry Jones, a defense attorney for the Detroit dad who got life in prison, said the results of his client's case were cased by the media, calling it "vigilantism by microphones and cameras." He said Lane should have never appeared in court because there was no evidence of Bianca's death.

Following the judge's sentence to life in prison, Lane repeated the judge's first name and called her a liar.