'Dexter' Season 8 Episode 5 'This Little Piggy' Recap (SPOILERS)

Last night's episode of the Showtime hit drama "Dexter" was titled "This Little Piggy" and provided audiences with a fair amount of sibling drama. The previous episode ended with Deb saving her brother's life-right after she tried to kill him by driving into the lake. Last night's episode attempted to deal with the fallout of Deb's actions.

Deb tried to defend her actions by saying she couldn't go through with it, and did end up saving her brother's life. But Dexter wasn't buying it. Dexter was particularly mad at Deb because if she had succeeded in killing him, his young son Harrison would be left an orphan.

"You only had to save me because you tried to kill me," Dexter said to his sister.

Deb didn't have much of a comeback. "OK, so I'm not perfect," was all she managed to respond.

Dexter was clearly not ready to fogive Deb, saying, "Do you think it's easy being your brother?"

But the brother and sister make up later in the episode in time to save Dr. Vogel from the Brain Surgeon who has been plaguing her for practically the whole season. It is revealed that Yates is the Brain Surgeon, and he captures Dr. Vogel by kidnapping her from her office.

Deb and Dexter save the day, along with some quick thinking from Dr. Vogel. The therapist uses her expertise to stall Yates, pretending to be his mother and playing on his issues with her. Stalling Yates, allows for Deb and Dexter to arrive, and the brother-sister duo work together to kill Yates, with Dexter eventually stabbing him with a curtain rod.

How will Deb and Dexter's relationship continue after their first joint murder? How will Dexter and Dr. Vogel's relationship progress now that he has saved her life? With the final season of "Dexter" winding down, it's fair to say these questions will be answered sooner rather than later.