Digital Monster Ver. 20th Release Date, News: New Versions of Digimon Digivice to Launch This Year

Bandai/DigimonDigimon Ver. 20th promotional photo

Digital Monster fans will surely be delighted with the recent news that Bandai is releasing an upgraded Digimon Digivice called the Digimon Ver. 20th.

Reports say Bandai's recent announcement held the news that the virtual petting device, aka Digivice, will get its newest version and will soon be available in the market to commemorate the classic playing gadget's 20th anniversary.

The Digimon Digivice was originally released in 1997. It works much like the classic Tamagotchi where people can pet virtual characters. However, unlike the Tamagotchi, the Digimon Digivice lets its owners start battles with other players.

The Digimon Ver. 20th will be packed with special edition characters that was included in the earlier versions of Digivice. The upcoming gadget will arrive with the 10th anniversary character Dracomon and the 15th anniversary character Hackmon.

Alongside the recurring characters, there will also be the new 20th anniversary character called Zubamon. All in all, there will be 134 trainable Digimons plus 154 appearing Digimons. Bandai also added the Special Digi-Eggs, which are requirements to level up the Digimon characters. The Digimon Ver. 20th will also let players get a special character called Omnimon through combining Agumon and Gabumon.

For the Digimon Ver. 20th, Bandai will let players train two Digimon at the same time – something that was not allowed in the 20 years of Digimon Digivice's existence. This will let two Digimon become friends and do activities together like eating and sleeping.

Bandai has also designed the Digimon Ver. 20th with a faster training speed. The 20th anniversary version of the gadget will only require 10 minutes compared to the one-hour evolution period in earlier Digivices.

There will be two variants of the Digimon Ver. 20th, the 'Original Brown' and 'Original Grey' color options. Pre-orders can now be made until March 27, at 9 a.m. EST. It will be sold for 3,780 Japanese yen or about $33 and will be shipped in Japan in July.