'Dirty Dancing' Remake: Jennifer Grey Tweets Excitement, Fans Express Anger

Fans as well as the original star of “Dirty Dancing” Jennifer Grey have reacted on Twitter to the announcement that the film is set to be remade.

“I love @Kennyortega and trust that he will do something special #DirtyDancingRemake,” Grey tweeted Tuesday about the director of the new "Dirty Dancing."

The actress also told the Wall Street Journal that she “can’t wait” to see the remake of “Dirty Dancing.”

“I’m so excited about this news and I think there’s nobody better to do this than my beloved Kenny Ortega, who is as responsible as anyone for the success of the first one,” she said.

Kenny Ortega was the choreographer for the original film.

Since Lionsgate announced the remake on Tuesday, a firestorm of reactions have flooded Twitter. Fans are expressing mixed emotions, with some stating that the original film is “flawless” and a remake is a “terrible” idea, while others are downright outraged.

“’Dirty Dancing’ remake? Really Hollywood? There is no way to top Swayze! End of story. #uncreativehollywood,” said Kristen via Twitter.

“They’re remaking “Dirty Dancing.” I don’t know whether to get excited or puke,” wrote Hallie.

Twitter user Linda wrote, “Lionsgate has announced a ‘Dirty Dancing’ remake. OF COURSE THEY HAVE. DIE IN A FIRE, MOVIE INDUSTRY.”

Jennifer Grey played “Baby” in the 1987 film, alongside the late Patrick Swayze, who died in 2009. The story takes place during the 1960’s at a Catskills, New York resort. Coming-of-age “Baby” (Grey) is the daughter of a respectable doctor on vacation with her family. She falls in love with the attractive, rebellious dance instructor Johnny, played by Swayze, as they work together on a dance routine. Tensions build as the politics of the 60’s era complicate their budding relationship.

It has been over 25 years since the original “Dirty Dancing” hit theaters, but the intense and memorable dance scenes still maintain a widespread fan-base.

Joe Drake, co-Chief Operating Officer of Lionsgate and President of the Motion Picture Group released a statement saying that fans are “engaged more than ever with the brand that is special and vital to them.” Drake continued, “We believe that the timing couldn’t be better to modernize the story on the big screen, and we are proud to have Kenny Ortega at the helm.”

A production start date has not yet been announced, but the film will reach theaters in 2013.