Winklevoss Twins' Case Against Facebook Dismissed Again by Boston Judge

A federal judge has seemingly put an end to the Winklevoss brothers’ lawsuit against Facebook.

One month after everyone thought the Winklevosses were finally putting an end to their Facebook lawsuit by abandoning their appealing to the U.S. Supreme court, they surprised everyone by instead moving the case to Boston. But U.S. District Judge Douglass Woodlock in Boston dismissed the case, reported Reuters.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known as “the Winklevii,” along with their business associate and university companion, Divya Narendra, requested Woodlock for permission to investigate if Facebook had concealed or restrained significant evidence while both parties were disputing claims over Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg stealing their idea and carrying out settlement proceedings.

A settlement was reached for $65 million between both parties. But afterwards, the twins followed-up with another suit to increase the settlement.

Back in April, a federal appeals court in California ruled against the twins’ intention for more compensation from Facebook. And with one more ruling against them on Friday, the question that remains is: Will they go to another court?