Distracted by a Sidetracked Career

A sidetracked career is full of distractions that break your concentration or focus. The frustrations, irritations, interruptions and events that take your mind off of goals, ambitions and dreams can wreak havoc on a career.

A minor distraction here or there can usually be handled without noticeable career damage; but when distractions pile up, a sidetracked career is the result.

Sidetracked careers are full of blind spots and areas needing attention. Although you may be happy with your job, you're still unfocused and because of it you're unable to see the course corrections you need to make.

While you know that if you work on personal growth and job performance, your career would move forward and you would realize your long-term goals; but you keep getting distracted and nothing changes for the better.

To regain your focus and move forward, use these strategies to get your career back on the right track.

  • Confess and acknowledge that YOU are your biggest problem at work. Stop and identify what's holding you back–the major distractions that are keeping you from achieving your career goals.
  • Discover how to steer clear of office politics and other career upheavals. They tend to be the most distracting.
  • Use our career tools to help you take ownership of your behavior and actions and gain a clearer understanding of where to put your energy and efforts as you recalibrate your career.