Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration: Google Doodle Game Created

Popular search engine Google honored the "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary today with their "Google Doodle." Not only is there an animated image of the show's many doctors, but users can play a 5 level "Doctor Who" game.

Google head creative artist Matt Cruikshank discussed the "Doctor Who" doodle with Entertainment Weekly.

"We tried to aim for the base-level as well as the hardcore fans for this. Initially, we were contacted about four months ago internally by a Doctor Who fan who mentioned that [the 50ths anniversary of Doctor Who] would make a great subject for a Doodle. [It's] a big cultural institution back in England and it really deserves something quite special," Cruikshank said.

"So we set about trying to create a game and we have a fully-interactive, multi-level game. One of the exciting things about Doctor Who is he's a Time Lord, so he can travel in different dimensions to the past and to the future and also to the present. So we've tried to have as much fun with that as possible," he added.

The head creative artist at Google then went on to describe how to play the "Doctor Who" game within the doodle.

"What's interesting about this is it's a global doodle. So we can't use any language. So it's very visual in terms of how to control The Doctor. When you play the game you'll see it's a very rich world with a lot of dimension and perspective. The challenge was 'How can we get the idea across that you can use your mouse, or controls on tablet or keyboard? How can you navigate the Doctor?' So it's very much a point and click game in terms of using your mouse to navigate to an area and once you click on that specific square the doctor will move there," Cruikshank explained.