Does The Doomsday Clock Coincide With Biblical Prophecy?

The Doomsday Clock has been moved forward one minute by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists bringing it five minutes closer to the midnight mark.

The Doomsday Clock was created as a figurative measure of how close the world is to ending as a result of continuing production of nuclear weapons and deadly weather calamities caused by climate change.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is led by world renowned scientists, Nobel laureates, environmental advocates and more. The group has moved the clock forward believing the government has not succeeded at significantly limiting the proliferation of biological warfare or creating sustainable forms of energy.

“As we see it, the major challenge at the heart of humanity’s survival in the 21st century is how to meet energy needs for economic growth in developing and industrial countries without further damaging the climate ... and without risking further spread of nuclear weapons - and in fact setting the stage for global reductions,” said Lawrence Krauss, co-chairman of the group’s board of sponsors.

The Doomsday Clock was revealed in 1947 and has so far been reset 20 times. The closest it has come to midnight was in 1953 during the cold war.

But where does the Doomsday Clock and Christian Prophesy on the last days coincide?

Biblical Apocalyptic expert, public speaker and author of 25 books including “The Rapture Delusion,” Steve Wohlberg, says there is a slight connection but also a major difference.

“I think what’s happening in the world, as far as the natural disasters, are major indicators of the end of days,” Wohlberg said in an interview with the Christian Post. “But the doomsday clock doesn’t explain what the doomsday means and that’s what the Bible does.”

Wohlberg said the doomsday is a reality discussed fervently in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke as the second coming of Christ.

Wohlberg, who has been featured on several History Channel documentaries on the apocalypse says all of the predictors such as the doomsday clock, the Greek Oracle of Delphi, Medieval Merlin and Nostradamus predictions do not fully explain what brings about the end of days.

The end of days is the coming of Christ and only those who adhere to the Ten Commandments will be prepared. He added the prophecies that presume a date, even by Christians like Harold Camping, the founder of Family Radio, are automatically incorrect because the gospel of Matthew clearly states we can never know the hour.

“The end is coming but we don’t know an exact date. We need moral preparation. Only those who practice basic principles of practical Godliness such as loving thy neighbor, not stealing, and not coveting know that the end of days is not actually the end.”