Dog Eats $500: Owner Sifts Through Excrement to Recover $100 Bills

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(Photo: Reuters/Jessica Rinaldi)A person opens their wallet while shopping.

A dog has eaten $500 belonging to his master, who now believes that the federal government should reimburse him for his loss.

According to reports, Wayne Klinkel of Montana has claimed that his dog, a golden retriever called Sundance, ate five $100 bills belonging to him. He says that the incident took place on a road trip with his family when he left the dog in a car as the family took a refreshment stop.

Klinkel claims that he left the large amount of cash in a cubbyhole in the vehicle, but when they returned from their break the money was gone, with just half a $100 bill remaining. According to the family the dog has a bit of a reputation for eating anything and everything, and so they immediately realized that Sundance was behind the disappearing money.

Due to the large amount of money missing the family felt it necessary to keep an eye on Sundance throughout the rest of the vacation, and whenever he went to take care of his business they would put on rubber gloves and check through the stool for leftovers of the $100 bills.

Over time they slowly accumulated lots of pieces of the $100 bills in tiny pieces, in the hope that they could recover enough to claim back the value of the bills.

Each tiny piece of the bills was placed in soapy water and washed thoroughly, and as they gathered each piece they slowly put the bills back together like a jig-saw.

The family then taped the pieces back together if they matched and went one by one to some local banks to ask them to exchange the leftover ruins for new bills. However, unfortunately every single bank so far has declined to accept the money.

But Klinkel is not put off, and after doing some research understands that official policy is that if they can recover 51 percent of each bill they can be reimbursed. They are now taking their case to the Department of the Treasury, who will determine whether the currency is redeemable or not.