Doritos Super Bowl Commercial 2012: 'Man's Best Friend'

Doritos has produced many memorable Super Bowl commercials and this year is no different.

"Man's Best Friend," which features a blackmailing lab, took the top spot in the Crash the Super Bowl contest and earned its creator a $1 million prize. Jonathan Friedman created the ad and won the cash prize along with tickets to yesterday's Super Bowl. The Doritos brand founded the video competition as "a gesture aimed at helping Doritos fans pursue their Hollywood dreams."


Videos were rated according to the USA Today Ad Meter and USA Today Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter. Friedman told The Virginian-Pilot: "The CEO of the division came into the suite and announced the news…the next thing you know, everybody was pouring champagne on my brother's head… It's pretty incredible."

Fans have been reacting favorably to the ad, dubbing it one of the "funniest commercials" and "the best." "The Doritos commercials work for consumers because they are based on consumer insights. They are simple and real, and I think their ads are resonating a lot more than the spots with celebrities and crazy graphics," said social media marketing expert Matt Britton.

Doritos has a history of producing some of the most popular Super Bowl commercials. In 1998, the company introduced the world to Ali Landry, who was immediately dubbed "the Doritos girl." Since then Doritos has established itself as a leading commercial producer and opened the doors for fans to create their own videos.

Last year's Crash the Super Bowl ad feature a pug attack and immediately became in Internet sensation.  Watch the video here: