Dozens of Egyptian Christians Arrested in Libya Charged With Proselytization

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(Photo: MidEast Christian News)Dozens of Christians were rounded up and arrested in Libya, accused of proselytization.

Dozens of Egyptian Christians were arrested Wednesday in Libya under charges of proselytization.

The arrests were reported by the Facebook page "Yes to Secularism in Libya," where a video was uploaded showing a group of Coptic Christians crowded into a room, after having their heads shaved by authorities.

In the video a Salafi man accuses them of proselytization and shows religious images allegedly created by the Copts.

It is not known whether these images were taken from their homes or where they came from.

One Coptic businessman said, "These young men have been tortured. They are Egyptians working in Libya, but they have been detained in a warehouse somewhere in Benghazi."

Recently, Libyan authorities have made a number of arrests, including that of four foreigners, under accusations of proselytization. The large majority of the population in Libya is Sunni Muslim.