Dr. Mounir Hana Condemns Attack on Cairo's St. Mark's Cathedral, Offers Prayers

One of Egypt's leading religous leaders, Dr. Mounir Hana Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Egypt and North Africa, has publicly condemned the attacks that targeted Cairo's St. Mark Cathedral and Khosos' church Sunday, leaving several dead and scores injured.

"Such attacks could lead the country into the abyss of sectarian sedition and deteriorate the social, economic and political conditions of the country. These actions could worsen the image of Egypt in front of the international community," Hana said in a statement.

Egyptian President Mahmoud Morsi had previously stated that all religious minorities in Egypt would be protected under the law while insisting that Egypt was a homeland for all.

In light of the attack on Coptic Christians attending a funeral at St. Mark's Cathedral, Dr. Hana pleaded with his countrymen as well as Egypt's security forces to denounce such attacks and bring those responsible to justice.

Dr. Hana had insisted that the only way to prevent future attacks and resolve some of the fighting that has taken hold of the country in recent years was to have strict laws passed coupled with the actual enforcement of such laws.

He added that while Egypt's customary sessions of reconciliation are important, they are not superseded by the country's law.

Dr. Hana did urge Egypt's Episcopal churches to pray for the families of those killed in the attacks as well as for those injured. He offered a message of peace as a way to calm the tense situation.

Used with permission from MidEast Christian News (MCN). Read more from MCN by clicking here.