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Dr. Robert Lesslie, Author of 'Angels on the Night Shift': There Were Angels in Newtown

Dr. Robert D. Lesslie is not only a physician with more than 25 years of experience but also a national author who writes about the presence of angels. To Lesslie, though, angels are not just about halos and wings, but also about going the extra mile for others. He took the time to speak with The Christian Post about angels, especially in light of the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The Christian Post: Why have you written so many books about angels?

Lesslie: When I did my first book, my agent contacted several people said "In the Valley of the Shadow" was not a good title ... They wanted "Angels in the E.R." and as it turned out, they know best about covers, titles, etc. We did that and it did very well; they wanted a follow-up book and wanted to use "Angels" in the title. What I write about is people and circumstances from a Christian viewpoint.

When I talk about angels, there are some stories in my books that are otherworldly but mainly, the angels are caretakers, nurses, [and] family members themselves who go beyond what seems reasonable and really help people. They've helped patients, each other, and me.

CP: Do you believe, then, that we are constantly surrounded by or protected by angels?

Lesslie: I think that there are things that happen beyond our earthly understanding and expectations. When I'm asked about angels and miracles, it's difficult to talk about. I can't say that I've seen a miracle in that one minute a person has cancer and the next he doesn't … but I've seen a miracle in a change of heart. A family came together after years of being separated, estranged. They came together at the worst time possible, and that was, to me, a miracle.

In my experience, the Lord works in a lot of ways, some mysterious, some through people and places we don't understand or appreciate until you step back. He did it through a stranger or friend at the right place at the right time.

CP: Tell us a little about your latest book, "Angels on the Night Shift."

Lesslie: The mystery of the missing drugs was actually a true story and there was resolution and redemption and forgiveness. For her to forgive what had happened to her … again, that was different than what I had done in the past. I wanted to include some thread and that seemed to work for me.

CP: Do you believe there were angels at the Sandy Hook elementary school during the shooting on Friday?

Lesslie: There were certainly demons; working in the ER, I've seen a side of our community that many are sheltered from. The shooting brought that home in a new way. As tragic as it was, children survived and you can't explain that but this was clearly a person who was troubled and, you could say, evil. Yes, there are children alive today because of circumstances and you're starting to hear stories of how they were saved.

"Angels on the Night Shift" is published by Harvest House Publishers and available from their website or Amazon.

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