'Dragon Ball Super' Episodes 75, 76 and 77 to Focus More on Goku's Training and Some Surprising Encounters

Upcoming 'Dragon Ball Super' episodes will feature Goku training with different partners

There's a lot of work that goes into becoming one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe, and upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" will provide glimpses into the legendary training sessions that Goku goes through.

Details about these upcoming episodes were shared recently over on Twitter by the noted tipster "@Herms98."

YouTube courtesy of Toei AnimationEpisodes 75-77 of 'Dragon Ball Super' will feature Goku training and running into different kinds of problems

Starting with episode 75, in this installment, Goku will attempt to alleviate his boredom by finding a worthy training partner and he ends up getting one in the form of The Great Saiyaman. The Great Saiyaman is of course none other than Goku's son Gohan, so this promises to be a very interesting training session, though whether it ends up being a productive one is something fans will have to tune in to see.

Episode 75 is expected to air on Jan. 22.

Next up, episode 76 of the series will again feature Goku's training, though he will have a different partner this time around.

Instead of Gohan, Goku will decide to train with his old friend Kuririn. And just to make the training session extra special, they will even pay Master Roshi a visit, who then subsequently asks them to fetch something from a forest. Interestingly enough, what should have been just an unremarkable errand is expected to turn into something else when Goku and Kuririn run into some familiar foes, including Cell, Frieza and even Majin Buu.

Episode 76 of "Dragon Ball Super" is expected to air on Jan. 29.

Last up, episode 77 will again feature Goku running into some training issues. This time around, instead of getting in plenty of training hours with Whis, Goku will be distracted by the revelation that Bulma is pregnant again and that a nervous Vegeta is nearby and is struggling to get a hold of himself.

Fans can look forward to episode 77 making its debut on Feb. 5.

Notably, the titles for the aforementioned "Dragon Ball Super" episodes have not been revealed just yet, though those additional details should be revealed soon enough.