Drake and Bieber Rap on Stage (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber made one of his first attempts at live rap this weekend after inviting Drake on stage during a concert.

Justin Bieber performed in his hometown this weekend at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Canada. The performance was part of Bieber's "Believe" tour to promote his new album, which also features a track with Drake. And since Drake also considers Toronto his hometown, Bieber decided to invite the R&B singer on stage.

The duo sang the "Right Here" track live to a crowd of screaming fans. Drake announced on stage that singing at the Rogers Center, once called the SkyDome, was a "dream" come true and thanked Bieber for helping to make it happen.

"I want to thank you for letting me live a childhood dream, which is my first opportunity to perform at the SkyDome," he told Bieber. "So thank you, my man."

Drake was also complementary of the young star, adding that he was a very talented artist.

"I'll tell you, there's very few people I met in the world that are as talented and as incredible as this young man right here," he said, according to a Yahoo report.

The R&B artist then set Bieber up for one of his firsts, performing his single, "The Motto." Lil' Wayne is originally featured as the rapper within the song, so Bieber stepped up his game on stage and attempted to fill in the rap parts.

But while both singers received rave reviews for their performance, fans questioned Bieber's style.

"Justin needs to pull those pants of his up! He looks like a little wangster," one fan wrote on a YouTube after viewing the video. "A little boy singing love songs but wears his pants like that."

Fans also poked fun at the fact that Drake edited out foul language for Bieber's "little girl fans."