Drew Barrymore Pregnancy Cravings Reveals: Chinese Food

Drew Barrymore is pregnant with her second child and is experiencing intense cravings this time, according to a recent interview.

A star since the age of seven, Barrymore and her husband Will Kopelman are already parents to their one-year-old daughter Olive, but earlier this month, the couple announced their second child was on the way.

This time, the expectant mom is craving an abundance of "pan fried noodles," Barrymore revealed while at the Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday, Nov. 9.

"I eat a lot of Chinese food," the star added, according to Us Weekly. "I'm going to make a list of the best pan fried noodles in Los Angeles."

Furthermore, Barrymore noted that this pregnancy was different when it came to stress levels.

"You just always feel torn," she explained, according to the magazine. "It's always a juggling act and a balancing act, but I think life is always there to teach you how to try to be as graceful as you can."

Barrymore had previously confessed her affinity for Chinese food when she initially announced the second pregnancy. However, the actress debated about going public with the news beforehand.

"Last time I never commented on it and people just stalked me the entire time," the 38-year-old star explained to People.com on Nov. 5. "So yes, it's happening, it's true. I tried to keep it a secret for as long as possible."

The "Never Been Kissed" star recalled the moment she realized that baby number two was on the way.

"When I found out, I was overjoyed," she said. "It always feels so surreal; it's incredible. I'm feeling incredible, that sort of here we go again feeling. And blessed. Blessed!"

The actress and her husband, an art dealer, always wanted a large family.

"Will is just thrilled- we both are- because we just wanted so badly for Olive to have a sibling," Barrymore noted. "In some ways, it's really for her. So congratulations, Olive!"