Drew Brees Breaks Marino Passing Record, Tom Brady Close Behind

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees has thrown the most passing yards in a season, ahead of Hall of Fame legend Dan Marino's mark set in 1984.

The all-time mark was 5,084, however, Brees beat the record with 5,087 after Monday’s game. The most amazing part of his feat is that he still has one more game left to go.

Brees came close to the record in 2008 when he threw 5,069.

"Honestly, I was really trying not to think about the record or anything - I knew we were close," Brees said after the game. "A couple guys mentioned it to me on the sideline, and I didn't want to hear it. I was just thinking about throwing completions and scoring a touchdown. Sproles did a great job of getting inside on that deal, he caught it, and I just got bum-rushed by the offensive linemen. I figured at that point, we probably broke the record, or else they wouldn't be hoisting me up like this."

The record-breaking throw came in style when Brees connected with running back Darren Sproles for a touchdown.

The touchdown also secured the NFC South title as they toppled the Atlanta Falcons 45-16.

"I knew after the touchdown to [Robert] Meacham that we were really close. Then we had a couple of those drives that just stalled out, and I thought, 'You've gotta be kidding me,'" Brees said. "I thought, 'We've got to get the ball back, go down and score and put it together. If it happens, it happens, but if it doesn't, at least we finish strong.' But we finished strong and got the record as well."

However, although Brees has the record this week, there is a slight chance the New England Patriots Quarterback, Tom Brady, could overtake the record.

SBNation touches upon a number of reasons of how Brady could pass Brees.

Currently the QB has 4,897 passing yards and is averaging 326.4 yards per game. His lowest throwing game is 198 and his highest is 517, which he accomplished the first game of the season.

Going into the final game of the season, barring what would be his worst performance of the year, Brady should be able to overtake Marino's old record as well.

In order to move into first place, Brady would have to get 190 more passing yards than what Brees achieves in his last game.

If Brady gets the win, the Patriots will have home field advantage through the playoffs.

Despite some fierce competition, Brees is happy about his achievement and was grateful to the fans. "I love our fans, and I love that everybody can be a part of this. There are so many people who are a part of this. It's not about me - it's about this team and this city. It's about these fans - so many people who contributed to this. I'm happy for them," he said.

Even Marino tweeted his congratulations saying, "Congrats to @dreebrees. Great job by such a special player."