Driver Prays for Family of Girl She Killed; Girl's Sister in 'Critical Condition'

15 year-old Kalie Gill was killed when a car struck her and sister at the church festival in Yonkers, New York
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(Photo: The Journal News Screenshot)Community members gather to remember 15 year-old Kalie Gill who was killed when a car struck her and sister at the church festival in Yonkers, New York, on October 12.

The driver who killed a girl and severely wounded her sister when her car crashed into the teens at a church festival in Yonkers, N.Y. last Friday, Oct. 12, has said she is praying for the family.

"My family and I are praying for the recovery of Lindsey and ask that God will watch over her and over the soul of her sister Kalie," Roseanne Piccirilli said in a statement. "This is a wonderful family, and what has happened is so very tragic."

"My prayers go out to the Gill family at this time of loss and tragedy. I am grateful for the kindness they have shown in their public statements, and cannot even imagine the sense of loss that they feel," she added.

The car crash occured just months after the Gills immigrated to the United States from Ireland this summer. Kalie Gill had just celebrated her 15th birthday the week before when she died. Her sister, 12-year-old Lindsey, is currently in a medically induced coma.

Despite their grief, the Gill parents have had nothing bad to say about Piccirilli, who was volunteering at the carnival.

"She's a good woman, a good person and she didn't mean to do this," Karen Gill told The Journal News. "I believe it was a freak accident. I just wish her well."

Damien Gill said that his family is not angry at Piccirilli for what happened.

"We hold no grievance against the driver, and Kalie wouldn't want that either," said Damien Gill. "We're sure she's hurting. It's just unfortunate that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Police and witnessess said that Piccirilli's Jeep suddenly sped out of the parking lot, crashing into four girls, three occupied cars and two parked cars. The two other girls hit were treated with minor injuries.

While Yonkers police have continued to investigate the incident, they have not pressed charges against Piccirilli and are currently waiting the results of a blood test that could reveal that drugs or alcohol was in Piccirilli's system at the time of the crash.

It is unclear when Piccirilli, a sixth-grade teacher, will return to work.

"She's not thinking about anything like that," Rev. James Healy, of St. Paul the Apostle School, where Piccirili works told The Journal News. "I don't think at this point she knows what she's doing. She's just consumed with the loss of this girl."