Egypt Pyramids Warning: US Warning to Citizens Slammed by Egyptian Ministry

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Reuters / Amr Dalsh

Egypt has criticized a recent U.S. pyramids warning, calling the claims baseless.

The U.S. Embassy announced to American citizens in Egypt that they should be extra cautious due to recent incidents taking place near the pyramids in Giza. However, Egypt's Antiquities' Ministry has slammed the announcement, saying that the warning is unwarranted and not based on the true situation.

The U.S. Embassy message last week urged Americans to "elevate their situational awareness" if they were planning to visit the Egyptian pyramids because of a "lack of visible security or police" presence there.

However, on Saturday Egypt authorities moved to ease fears and rebuked the American announcement as "baseless."

The U.S. Embassy announcement highlighted recent incidents where "angry groups of individuals" had surrounded and pounded on cars containing traveling visitors inside. Tourists had been left in fear for their lives as some had even tried to open their vehicle doors to get to them inside.

However, the Egypt ministry has insisted that the overall situation for tourists has improved and that the area in Giza where the pyramids are based are now "totally secure."

Tourism has taken a massive hit in Egypt since the 2011 uprising that ousted long term leader Hosni Mubarak. Many have stayed away from the country as the situation has become volatile, and although things have slowly begun to settle down in areas of the country, there are still fears among travelers to travel into the country.