Egyptian Activist: Cathedral Attacked to Terrorize Muslim Brotherhood's Opposition

A leading member of Egypt's Dostour Party, a group set up to promote the 2011 Egyptian revolution, has warned that the recent attacks on Christians at Cairo's St. Mark's Cathedral is a ploy to terrorize and intimidate the country's Christian population in response to opposition to current Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and his supporters.

Shady El-Ghazaly Harb revealed that current religious minorities in Egypt are not protected by the governing body. They also accused Morsi's government of only enforcing bans and prosecuting violators who target Morsi or his Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

Harb revealed to Mideast Christian News that the Muslim Brotherhood had deliberately excluded people who do not accept the government's plans to monopolize power in the country, citing a recent situation that arouse at the Sheikhdom of Azhar. Followers of Egypt's Al-Azhar do not support Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood.

"The continuation of the Muslim Brotherhood depends on fueling sedition, not only between Egyptian people, but also between the Egyptian people as a whole by creating tension between the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists on one hand and the different factions of Egyptian people on the other hand." Harb told MCN.

Harb added that the continued sedition of certain Egyptian religious sects within the country is a main objective of the Muslim Brotherhood. He also stressed that Copts did not instigate the provocations at St. Mark's Cathedral; they were attacked during a funeral ceremony.