Eminem and 60 Million Facebook Likes: Beats Rihanna, Lady Gaga

Eminem has claimed the top number of Facebook "likes" for an artist this week, far surpassing his popular counterparts such as Rihanna.

The rapper from Detroit set the record for the most "likes" by a living person with a total of 60.1 million, according to App Data. He landed at number five this week on Facebook's Top 10 pages.

According to the data analysis, Eminem is receiving nearly 179,000 new "likes" a week on the social media site, whereas Rihanna is only adding only 167,000 per week and has 59.9 "likes" total.

The only pages ranking higher than Eminem included YouTube, Texas HoldEm Poker, Facebook itself, and the Facebook for Every Phone page.

Hailed as the queen of Twitter, Lady Gaga was also bested by the "Slim Shady" rapper. While the "Born This Way" singer has over 27 million followers on Twitter, she only has 53 million "likes" on Facebook, putting her at number nine on the Top 10 Facebook Pages.

Moreover, Eminem has beat pop superstar Justin Bieber in the total number of "likes" on Facebook. The "Boyfriend" singer comes in at number 15, just ahead of Katy Perry, who is number 16.

Other artists among Facebook's most popular included Shakira at number eight with 53.3 million "likes," Michael Jackson at number 10 with 51.1 million people liking him, and Linkin Park, number 17 with 44.2 million "likes."

When it comes to Twitter though, Eminem falls short. The rapper has a mere 11.8 million followers and is ranked at number 19, whereas Bieber just barely trails Lady Gaga with 25.8 million followers. Katy Perry comes in at number three on the micro blogging site with 24.2 million followers.

Born Marshall Mathers III, Eminem is best known for his songs "Lose Yourself," "The Real Slim Shady," and "The Way I Am," among several others.

The 39-year-old rap artist and newfound Facebook record-holder has also tried his hand at acting and appeared in 2002's hip hop drama "8 Mile." Subsequently, he won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, becoming the first rap artist to ever win the award.