Eminem MMLP 2 Tracklist Leaked: Rapper Calls Album a Revisitation, Not a Sequel

Eminem's MMLP 2 tracklist was leaked a few weeks back and disappointed fans who were looking for the rapper to make songs that were direct sequels to those found on the first MMLP.

Eminem discussed the reason why he decided to call his new album The Marshal Mathers LP 2 and even went as far as to say that it is a not a direct sequel to its predecessor, but more of a revisitation to the style he used on it in a Rolling Stone interview.

"Calling it The Marshal Mathers LP 2, obviously I knew that there might be certain expectations," he said. "I wouldn't want to call it that just for the sake of calling it that. I had to make sure I had the right songs- and just when you think you got it, you listen and you're like, I feel like it needs this or that , to paint the whole picture."

The rapper continued by saying that MMLP 2 is "not necessarily a sequel, as much as it is a revistiation."

"So there's not gonna be, like, continuations of every old song on there or anything like that," he said. "To me, it's more about the vibe, and it's more about the nostalgia."

He also discussed working with Rick Rubin on the project and how his experience in various genres of music allows him to bring a lot to the tablet in terms of production.

"As many genres of music that he is able to [work] with, he's like Yoda," he said. "I couldn't do it. You sit me there with a rock group, I don't know the first thing about banging on drums."

Eminem's MMLP 2 hits stores on Nov .5.