Enough Texting, Let's Talk!

 After his sister was dumped by text message, Michael Dean took to his wife's blog to call for the responsible use of technology in a relationship.

"I was just getting tired of hearing over and over of guys looking for an easy way out for break-ups, or simply not responding over text message so I wrote a blog post for Ruthie's blog, called 'Real Men Don't Text,'" Michael told The Christian Post.

Ruthie, whose blog focuses on relationships and marriage, said that Michael's post struck a chord with her audience and intersected with much of what she had been hearing from about relationships over the years.

"We just heard from thousands of men and women that relationships weren't working and a lot of it went back to technology. We felt like the face-to-face great relationships, communication, were just fading fast and so we wanted to challenge that norm," she said.

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