Erin Andrews Explains 50 Cent Kiss, Blames Self for Incident

Erin Andrews is speaking out over the encounter she had with rapper 50 cent during the buildup to the Daytona 500, explaining that the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

Andrews, who was covering the Daytona 500, was attempting to score an interview with auto racer Danica Patrick when she bumped into 50 Cent, whose real name is Curtis Jackson. The hip-hop mogul tried to embrace Andrews upon greeting her, but the former ESPN host appeared to have been caught off guard and awkwardly tried to dodge him.

"I gotta go talk to Danica Patrick but great to see you, what are you doing here?" a nervous Andrews asked 50 Cent.

The video immediately went viral on the social networking site Twitter, with fans questioning whether the rapper had been rejected by Andrews after attempting to kiss her.

But Andrews is faulting herself for speeding through her interview with the rap star.

"I went and said hello [to him]. We're actually business partners- I'm one of the spokespeople for SK Energy," Andrews told Yahoo. "He grabbed me, I went one way, they screamed 'Danica,' I whipped my neck, I got whiplash and it's fine."

Soon after the incident, the 37-year-old rapper tried to explain the unusual meeting to his 7 million Twitter followers.

"Denied Wow they called me to interview with @ErinAndrews,we are working together on my street king energy campaign.that's why I was being nice," 50 Cent tweeted on Feb. 24.

The 55th Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway was eventually won by 5-time Cup champion Jimmie Johnson, who claimed victory after a late caution.

After capturing his second Daytona 500 victory of his career, Johnson was thrilled with the result.

"Man, this race car, this Lowe's Chevrolet, was so good. I could really stay up front all day long, and I had a lot of confidence those final few laps leading the train. I knew just how fast this car was," Johnson stated from victory lane.