Evelyn Lozada, Chad Johnson Reunited: Restraining Order Lifted

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson were reunited in court Monday to have her restraining order dropped, it has been revealed.

The divorced pair appeared with their respective lawyers in a Florida courtroom together for the first time since Johnson's domestic violence arrest in August. The judge asked Lozada, 37, whether she had any objections to her restraining order being lifted to which she replied "no" and he then granted the request, according to TMZ.com.

Johnson, 35, was arrested for headbutting Lozada during a domestic dispute just one month after their wedding. Although he was previously barred from communicating with the "Basketball Wives" star, he is now free to contact her, which is convenient for Lozada, who recently expressed her interest in speaking to him again.

"At some point a conversation needs to take place, I have questions about everything and that will happen when it's supposed to happen," Lozada told RadarOnline.com.

"I would definitely like to sit down and talk to him down the road – I would just really like to get up in his head and ask, 'Why?'" she went on.

Lozada confronted the former Miami Dolphins player over a receipt she had found for condoms, which triggered their domestic feud. Johnson recently admitted to cheating on Lozada with various women who he had met on social networking site Twitter.

"Obviously he wasn't thinking, but as a woman, there are certain things I needed closure with like why he cheated? It is hard for me to wrap my head around why someone would put everything at risk," Lozada explained.

"But I am not a man either so I don't get that at all. Obviously that is wrong, I feel like we were both a lesson to each other, I have learned so many things … things that I will never tolerate again," she added.

Johnson, who still wears his wedding ring despite their recent divorce, has expressed interest in reconciling with his ex-wife, although Lozada appears to have moved on.

"I moved out, I took my clothes and I never looked back. I never went back to the house to pack my stuff, I had someone pack it, and I pretty much moved on with my life," she said.