Evelyn Lozada Reveals How She Lost Most Of Her Baby Weight

Evelyn Lozada is revealing how she has lost 30 of the 42 pounds that she gained during pregnancy.

(PHOTO) Screenshot - Courtesy: YouTube/HipHollywoodReality star Evelyn Lozada talks baby shower

Lozada, the 38-year-old "Basketball Wives" star and entrepreneur, gave birth to her son Carl Lee Crawford jr, whom she shares with fiance L.A. Dodgers star Carl Crawford. Less than two months after giving birth, Lozada is proud to have lost the majority of her baby weight.

"I'm proud of where I'm at so far. My body feels like it's almost back to normal," she told ABC News recently. "I also work out three to four times a week. I have been sleep deprived lately and going to the gym can be hectic when you have no time in your schedule."

Still, she makes working out a priority telling ABC, "on the days that I do have a moment, I do a ton of cardio, weight training - which I love - and hiking."

After giving birth, Lozada created a 60 day challenge for herself to shed her baby weight. However, she let over one million Twitter followers know that she would be exercising in a healthy way.

Now, she has altered the plan to a 60 day challenge.

"I'm excited about my upcoming 60 Day Challenge to drop the baby weight," Lozada previously wrote on her personal website, evelynlozada.com. "Too soon? Don't worry, I'm not going heavy in the beginning. Under doctor's orders, I'm supposed to begin with light cardio. :)"

Lozada previously revealed she planned on placing bets when it came to her ability to lose weight after having her baby.

"I have already spoke with Jeanette Jenkins, we are going to start training here in L.A. and I have a bet going that I can get this body back in two months," Lozada explained to HipHollywood just before giving birth last March. "So I'm going to be super focused as soon as I get the clear."