Evelyn Lozada Shows Positivity After Chad Johnson Mocks Her: 'Oh Saved One'

'I'm Not Bitter, I'm Not Angry,' Lozada Responds

Evelyn Lozada seemed to be taking the higher road after her ex-husband Chad Johnson made negative references to the reality television star, which caused her 19-year-old daughter to react.

Lozada, 37, broke things off with Johnson, 35, one month after they married last July. The professional athlete physically assaulted Lozada after an argument ensued about his infidelities.

While the pair has spoken up about being cordial with one another in several interviews, Johnson recently caused some controversy while speaking with fans about Lozada on Twitter. Johnson's insults began when one fan questioned if he would be able to attract women without a high-profile football career.

"That one left already," Johnson told the fan.

Some of Johnson's Twitter followers believed that he was making references to Lozada and defended her.

"How dare you say such a thing," one person questioned. "You (expletive) up not Evelyn Lozada."

However, the NFL free agent defended his actions by comparing them to other high profile individuals.

"So did Magic and Bill..get a clue dummy," Johnson told the person defending Lozada on Twitter.

Johnson then began to spout expletives at Lozada's public relations agent, Danika Berry.

"Let's talks about the late night text messages and sneaking around she was doing while we together smashing CERTAIN people," Johnson tweeted to Berry.

The NFL star ended his Twitter tirade against Lozada by seemingly mocking the fact that Lozada has been focusing more on leading a Christian lifestyle.

"Lucky it's a certain code as dudes you never break or i'd tell all her sneaky escapades oh saved one," Johnson tweeted.

Shaniece Hairston, Lozada's 19-year-old daughter, took to Twitter to caution Johnson against bullying his followers while defending her mother.

"@ochocinco U r so busy going on a rant about other people. How about u talk about your self," Lozada's daughter questioned. "U have a child in Liberty City that u do not take care of, u have a sex addiction and was ABUSIVE to other women before U met my mother."

Despite the exchanges taking place, Lozada took to her own Twitter account to spread positivity amid the controversy.

"I'm not bitter. I'm not angry," Lozada tweeted. "Fools talk because they're trying to convince themselves. The wise are quiet because they already know their truth."