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'F1 2015' Release Date on Xbox One, PS4 and PC Confirmed: Latest News, Rumors

'F1 2015' Release Date on Xbox One, PS4 and PC Confirmed: Latest News, Rumors

Racing fans, especially F1 racing fans, got some good news a few days ago: Codemasters, the game developer of "F1 2015" has announced that it will release the new game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on June 12, 2015.

Announcing: F1 2014 and beyond... F1 Games from Codemasters. Facebook. Aug. 1, 2014. | F1 Games from Codemasters/Facebook

The "F1 2015" game is a racing video game based on the 2015 Formula One season. Developed by Codemasters, it is the seventh game of the Formula One series. The game is known for the use of Ego Game Technology Engine, which was developed by Codemasters and is an improvement on the Neon game engine that was used in an earlier racing game. The Ego Engine is able to "render more detailed damage and physics as well as render large-scale environments."

According to a report in Venture Capital Post, the developer shared that it is working on graphic and presentation improvements on the following aspects of the game, including engine and transmission, aerodynamics, fuel tank, force feedback and suspension. They also said that they have a "new tire physics model." All these improvements are meant to give the player a very "realistic representation of how these cars handle on the track."

Among the new features that players can expect in the new game is a broadcast style that is reminiscent of real race-day broadcasts. Among the modes available are an updated Championship Season mode, a new Pro Season mode, Quick Race and Multiplayer, which were not present in the 2014 game.

For Xbox One and PS4 users, users can make use of voice commands which can be done through Kinect and the PlayStation Camera, to ask for race information, weather updates, tire status, request tire changes and front wing changes through a pit stop.

An added bonus to the game is the bonus content which will include officially licensed cars, drivers, and tracks from the 2014 Formula One World Championship.


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