Facebook Black Scam Alert: App is Hack Attempt

Facebook users exciting about receiving the new Facebook black will have to take it back a couple of steps because the promise is nothing but a scam.

Facebook users have been spreading around a new message this week, promising its users an option to switch the color of their pages with an app. The regular blue background on Facebook can be switched to red, black, or a variety of other colors according to the message.

But before users get too excited, they should be careful because the new app is a scam. "Get the new Facebook BLACK," the ad reads, providing a link which states, "Get Your Color Now."

Users who click the link are immediately directed to a new page with a button that says "Change My Color." Before the page loads, however, users must give their permission for the "Color Changer" to access all of the data on the users websites and to access all tabs and browsing activity.

If users accept, the next page tells users to recommend the app to all of their friends. Users are then asked to leave a comment about the success of the app, although their Facebook color has not yet changed. The user is then directed to a survey which allegedly can help scammers not only earn money but also access important, private data.

Users who tried the failed app have been cautioned to remove the application from their Facebook page and tell other Facebook friends about the scam. Those users who agreed to have their data accessed may want to be on the cautious side and ensure that their information is no longer being acquired after they have downloaded the app; this can be done by checking for cookies and any potential "web bugs" though other software may be needed.

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