Facebook Hacked: Erase Your Facebook History With Android App 'Exfoliate'

In the midst of recent Facebook hacks that have left many users of the social networking website feeling uneasy, developers are creating apps help people remove erroneous information from their profiles.

Developer Michael Devine programmed an app for Android called "Exfoliate" that erases a Facebook users' Timeline history up to a time period specified by the user.

Technology website IntoMobile details that Exfoliate can “delete Facebook wall posts, likes, comments, even posts you’ve left on friend’s walls."

The app sells for $3 and is currently exclusive to the Android Market; however, IntoMobile expects that an iOS compatible app will soon be available for the iPhone.

Devine noted that the Exfoliate app especially helps users clear out content that could become incriminating to them over time. It is now common for businesses to look at the Facebook profiles of potential employees in order to judge their character.

“When you really think about it, it becomes clear that there’s actually no reason to leave anything (on Facebook) after a certain point in time because no one sees it or they rarely see it. It just sits there waiting for someone to see it out of context and then it can cause you trouble,” Devine told IntoMobile.

Old information and intricate connections between friends on Facebook can also make users susceptible to acquiring bots like the one that recently hacked the social networking website causing users to be spammed with pornography and other inappropriate content.

Industry Insiders note that users clicking on spam links they may have found on their Facebook newsfeeds, message inboxes or personal chats may be the reason the hack was so widespread.

Buy the Exfoliate app HERE.