Facing a Crisis of Faith

 I do not know of many Christians who have not at some time had a crisis point in their walk with God. How we respond to such a crisis in many ways determines our future maturity as a Christian. Certainly the fact that there are today some who once knew the Lord Jesus and walked away from that relationship with Him, can be directly related to their failure of properly responding to a crisis of their faith in God. If all those who have walked away were to come back to the Lord there may not be an empty seat in our churches.

This issue of responding properly to a crisis of faith becomes a paramount one for the Church. There are many outside the Church today because of it and there are many within the Church who has stunted their personal growth with God because of it. They have lost the kind of joy and zeal they once had for serving God and they cannot seem to pinpoint when that happened. For many it can be traced back to a crisis time in their walk with God when they reached a place of desperation and felt God was not there or did not provide and so they hold that against Him, even unknowingly.

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