'Fairy Tail' Manga: 11-Year Adventure Ends With 48-Page Special Farewell Chapter

Kodansha Comics Official Website"Fairy Tail" is a popular manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and has been serialized in the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine since 2006.

The battle against the two Acnologias has finally ended in a special 26-page chapter of the Japanese manga series, "Fairy Tail." This also happens to be the said series' penultimate chapter.

Eleven years ago, Hiro Mashima started a manga about mages, wherein a seemingly ordinary girl named Lucy met a strange boy named Natsu in a place called Hargeon. After an intense battle against the two forms of the villainous Black Dragon Acnologia, this is also where they met again.

The story has finally come full circle, and the next chapter is going to be the ultimate end. What new adventures await the mages of Fairy Tail guild? What new lessons have they taken away from their recent encounters with one powerful force after another? Are the mages going to stay together or will some of them choose to take a path of their own? And will true love finally be given a chance to bloom now that the world is at peace once more?

Then again, just how long does a peaceful life last in the "Fairy Tail" universe?

Titled, "Irreplaceable Friends," the final chapter will consist of 48 pages to properly send off Natsu, Lucy and their friends. There will also be center color pages to commemorate eleven years of serialization. Furthermore, "Fairy Tail" will be featured on Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine cover page.

But could this really be the end? Manga creator Mashima himself has assured fans via Twitter that although the series is about to end, the mages' adventures will continue on. Fans have taken this to mean that Mashima could be working on a spinoff to his highly popular series.

Will fans be able to see more of Natsu, Lucy, Happy and the rest of the mages in Magnolia and beyond? If so, what will a potential spinoff be about? Will it see the return of previously defeated adversaries, or will new adventures equate to new villainous encounters?

No further detail has been given regarding this matter. For now, fans can expect to read the final chapter of "Fairy Tail" in the next issue of the Weekly Shounen Magazine.