Fallout 4 Announced by Leaked Game Script, Set in Boston (PICTURES)

Fallout 4 has been revealed as being in development and will reportedly take place in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

The last few weeks there have been hoaxes about another installment of the popular RPPG, but now gaming site Kotaku has evidence. They were sent casting call documents from a reader, and have confirmed the documents to be authentic as it contains plot, character mentions, and scripts. It was code named, "Institute."

See what the script looks like here and here.

Game developers Bethesda have not commented on the matter and remained mum about the hoax a few weeks ago which even included an elaborate website with hints, teasers, and even Morse code messages.

Now with Fallout 4 in development for real, all of the same gamers who went crazy on Reddit a few weeks back, have another opportunity to be excited. However, important to note that the script makes no mention of the title Fallout, but it does reference the other parts of the game extensively and even provides the same opening lines of all the other games, "War. War never changes."

There are character listings for Preston Garvey, DJ Travis Miles, Sturges, and an unnamed female character. Kotaku points out that characters, details, and game setting could always change because this can be set up as strictly casting with the real game being developed behind the scenes.

In 2012, a Reddit user said a Bethesda employee visited MIT and other Boston locations, reports Polygon. Fallout 3 voice actor, Erik Dellums posted on Twitter, "[there] may be more of the Dog coming," in regards to his game character DJ Three Dog.