Farrah Abraham, Charlie Sheen Feud Continues: 'He's Meaner Than Amanda Bynes'

The feud between "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen continues, with Abraham calling Sheen "meaner than Amanda Bynes." The two have been sparring for several weeks now.

"I really don't even care about Charlie dissing me. That's coming from someone so old and he needs to get his life together," Abraham told Hollywood Life. "I don't even care. Anything he said doesn't really make sense to me."

Abraham reportedly contacted Sheen, hoping to get a role on "Anger Management," and generally praising him. Sheen was none too pleased and unleashed his fury over the texts and Abraham's decision to release them to the public.

"I truly do not recall giving you permission to globally reveal any communication between us. Congrats on surviving your lobotomy and an even bigger congratz on the recent attempt at porn," Sheen wrote. "Your daughter must be so proud. Please send my number to middle earth and if allowed, eager follow it into said abyss and slame the door behind you."

Abraham has made no secret of the fact that she wants to be in the entertainment industry and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure her place. Not only did she star on "16 & Pregnant" as well as four seasons of "Teen Mom," Abraham wrote and promoted her memoir, "My Teenage Dream Ended," along with a complementary CD.

Sheen, however, has already established himself in the industry, and has his own reputation, which, at times, has been quite troubling. He is frequently known as the "bad boy" and decided to turn that image into a series known as "Anger Management" on FX.

The two began exchanging texts, but it appears that Abraham will not be guest-starring on "Anger Management" any time soon. Sheen is very protective of his show and is not afraid to give his opinion about anything and everything, no matter the cost. It remains to be seen whether he will respond to Abraham's latest comments.