Farrah Abraham in Wigs, 'Teen Mom' Changing Looks Again?

"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham has a lot of time on her hands now that filming for the MTV reality show that made her famous is over. Abraham was spotted trying on wigs while in Los Angeles, and the young mother is famous for spending nearly $21,000 on plastic surgery but appears to be changing her appearance.

"I waited a lot of years," Abraham said of her decision to undergo surgery, "and I dealt with a lot of criticism about certain things on my face. Once I turned 21 I still felt that I wanted to change that, so I did," she told Us Magazine. "I'm done thinking about it and I don't have to think about my face. I just put makeup on, or not, and I go."

Abraham had a chin implant, rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation in order to alter her appearance. She starred on "Teen Mom" for four years and dealt with a lot of criticism while on her show, though mainly it was for her parenting ability rather than her looks.

"I've always been confident. People's comments were just something that annoyed me," Abraham explained. Peer pressure had nothing to do with her decision to have surgery, but one has to wonder just how honest she is being with herself and the public.

It's no secret that Abraham has modeled in the past and is hoping to build a career in the entertainment industry. She has already released her memoir and a CD to accompany the book. Throughout her tour, Abraham's fans showed up in droves in order to just catch a glimpse or get a photo with their favorite "Teen Mom."

Although the surgery was a bit confusing for Abraham's daughter, 3-year-old Sophia, to understand, friends and family have neither supported nor discouraged her decision.

"My friends and family don't care. I don't like to talk about my looks. I'm just like, 'Hi, bye.' I don't really care," Abraham said.

With the photos of Abraham in a wig, one wonders if she plans on changing up her look yet again or if she'll ever actually be happy with her appearance.