Farrah Abraham, Mother Debra Fight During 'Couples Therapy' Appearance

(Photo: Twitter)Farrah Abraham's letter from her mother, Debra.

Farrah Abraham and her mother, Debra Danielson, exchanged harsh words on the latest episode of "Couples Therapy." Abraham has appeared on the show to deal with her relationships, including the one with her mother, and that spilled over onto the TV for all to see.

The two have been at odds before, as fans of "Teen Mom" may remember. At one point in the series, Abraham called the police on her mother, claiming that she had threatened her with a knife and had bloodied her lip. Police responded to the call, and Danielson was ordered to take anger management therapy. Danielson was also not allowed to be alone with her granddaughter, Sophia.

Abraham and Danielson worked on their relationship in therapy and appeared together on "Couples Therapy," which did not go well.

"Why the physicalness?" Abraham asked her mother after a clip of her mother smacking her during an argument was shown.

"Why didn't you just be quiet when I asked you to?" Danielson asked.

"Does it look like I hit you?" Abraham retorted.

"You have hit me and called the police on me and lied about it," Danielson said.

The two continued fighting under the supervision of Dr. Jenn Berman, the resident psychologist on the show. In the end, Abraham started to sob as her mother looked on. Dr. Berman told Abraham that she would have to accept the fact that her mother would never be the mother she wanted or needed.

"My heart is beyond broken," Danielson insisted. "There's nobody I love more than my daughter and my family. I'm not gifted to be able to read her face, her heart. I can't read minds!"

For now, the two are remaining apart. Abraham tends to only see her father, Michael, who happens to live in the guest room of her house. Michael helps take care of Abraham's daughter while she's away doing promotional events.