Fast and Furious Poster for 7th Film: Director James Wan Leaks Photo

Director James Wan is doing a good job of keeping up the hype around "Fast and Furious 7." On the same day news leaked that Ultimate Fighting champion Ronda Rousey may star in the film, Wan leaked a photo online of what could be a poster to advertise the movie.

Wan leaked a picture of himself and Tyrese Gibson, who has plans to return for the 7th film, on his Instagram account. In the background of the two men is a poster that reads "Fast and Furious 7" over a black muscle car.

Rousey, a mixed martial artist, is also allegedly in negotiations for a supporting role in "Fast and Furious 7." If she secures the role, training for her next fight will be moved to Atlanta, where the movie is to be filmed, Variety magazine reported. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, producer Neal H. Moritz and writer Chris Morgan will also be returning for the next film.

While a number of "Fast and Furious" movies have already been produced, it does not appear that fasn are getting tired of them anytime soon. The most recent "Fast and Furious" earned over $740 million worldwide, the highest grossing film for Universal to date.

Rousey also recently committed to a role in "The Expendables 3." Both films will be heavily action-based and rely on Rousey's skills as a fighter. Despite a busy schedule, Rousey still has plans to compete in the next Ultimate Fighting championship. The fight will take place at the end of December, meaning that Rousey would have to film both films back-to-back in order to have enough time to train for competition day. Rousey is expected to take a strict 45 days of straight training, according to Variety.

In the past, Rousey has been credited with bringing attention to women's mixed martial arts. Her double appearance on the cover of ESPN helped to further that public image. She was one of only four athletes to appear on ESPN's Anniversary Issue.