Fat Duck Chefs Die in Car Crash: Bus Driver Faints at Wheel (VIDEO)

Fat Duck chefs died in a terrible car crash Monday, and the two culinary artists, Ivan Arango Herrera and Carl Magnus Lindgren, were mourned by their peers. The chefs were in Hong Kong for a private event when a bus careened through traffic, killing them and their taxi driver.

The Fat Duck chefs who died worked at Heston Blumenthal's famous restaurant, and Lotus PR, who represents the business, identified them as two men "uniquely talented" in the way that they cooked.

"They were both senior members and great and dear friends," according to a statement by The Fat Duck. "Two uniquely talented young chefs that were loved by everyone who worked with them. They will be sadly and deeply missed."

The accident occurred during the Monday morning traffic rush, when a bus lost control and hit two cars while traveling down a hill. The driver apparently fell unconscious for about 10 seconds, then slammed into the cars, the taxi, and finally another bus, according to Daily Mail. 30-year-old Magnus of Sweden and 34-year-old Briton Herrera, who goes by Jorge, were killed.

Among the death toll was the chef's cab driver, Wong Kim-chung, 53. 56 others were injured during the incident, including a 90-year-old woman and a baby, according to reports.

The bus driver who fainted and caused the accident was arrested for reckless driving that resulted in death, but posted bail for HK $5,000 (US$645). New World First Bus, who employs the man, said his driving record had been mostly clean before this incident and dating back to 1998, when he first started. Although he had had a few minor accidents, he passed his medical check-up in July.

Now, many in the culinary world are mourning the deaths of Magnus and Jorge.

"Today we have a heavy heart... Thoughts and prayers go out to the entire team of The Fat Duck & their families on this most difficult day," tweeted The French Laundry restaurant owner Thomas Keller.

"My heart and my thoughts are with the families of the 2 young chefs from the Fat Duck & with Heston & the whole team at this tragic time," tweeted Raymond Blanc, renowned chef and owner of Le Manoir aix Quat'Saisons in Oxford, England.