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Fatal Text Message Photo Released After Young Man Dies in Crash While Sending Text Message (VIDEO)

Fatal Text Message Photo Released After Young Man Dies in Crash While Sending Text Message (VIDEO)

This photo of a "fatal text message" has been released by police to serve as a warning to other drivers not to text while driving. 22 year old Alexander Heit died on April 3, 2013 after crashing his car while mid-way through this text message on his iPhone. | (Photo: Greeley Police)

A fatal text message, belonging to a young man who died in a car crash, has been released by the victim's parents and authorities to act as a warning to other drivers who are tempted to text while driving.

The fatal text message is that of 22 year old Alexander Heit, a student from the University of Northern Colorado. The text message was on his cell phone and was cut off mid-sentence - the moment he crashed his car.

Police have said that before Heit could finish his message, which he was typing while driving, he drifted into the wrong lane and into oncoming traffic.

Authorities describe that Heit realized he had come out of his lane and jerked his steering wheel back but it was too late, and his vehicle went flying off the road and rolled over.

The crash left Heit with fatal injuries, and he died shortly after on April 3 following the crash in Greeley.

The tragedy has highlighted the concerns authorities have as drivers increasingly check text messages and even type messages back to friends and loved ones as they are driving.

Heit's parents are understandably distraught at the sudden and tragic death of their son, but they and police are now hoping that a photo of the fatal text message he was typing when he crashed will serve as a warning to others and hopefully save lives.

Heit's iPhone was found in the wreckage of his crashed car, and authorities found the phone still working with a text message half written.

A photo was snapped of the phone and text message and has been published Wednesday in The Greeley Tribune.

The photo shows that Heit was responding to a friend typing, "Sounds good my man, seeya soon" followed by a few unfinished letters, which is when the crash took place.

A statement has been released by Heit's mother through the police, telling others that texting while driving can "tear a hole in the heart of everyone who loves you."

Here is a video report on texting while driving:


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