Fifth Avenue Apple Store Re-Debuts

The temporarily closed Fifth Avenue Apple Store re-debuted for an excited group of the company's followers on Nov. 4.

Apple gave a statement on the store's prior closing through its retail page: "We'll be closed starting at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 3 and will reopen at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, November 4."

The MacRumors technology website provided some comments on the store's new look from one of its readers: "Reader Vincent sent along these photos of the new cube, which utilizes only 15 panes of glass rather than the 90 used in the original cube. The new cube is also 'seamless', doing away with nearly all of the hardware that previously held the panes of glass together.

Since June of this year, $6.6 million in renovation was invested into the store.

The store's prior cube originally had ninety glass panels that were replaced with fifteen glass panels.

Apple previously closed down its store location at New York City's first Apple Store, SoHo, for renovations. The store will acquire 5,000 additional square feet, among other noticeable changes.

The replacement SoHo Apple Store is located at 72 Greene Street in Manhattan. This location contains the same feel and look of current Apple Stores, but also adds Covent Garden-style exposed brick style.

City Website Racked gave a description of the temporary Apple Store: "Beyond the cast iron portal, the crowd was thick, huddled around signature blond tables showing Apple's array of electronic goodies. Thoughts of chewy candy were erased, replaced by a deep desire for things digital."

"The look of this new emporium, where Apple fiends can get their Jones on while the main store on Prince Street is remade, is raw and rustic. Imagine a very, very clean warehouse with lots of friendly spirits decked out in identical blue shirts,” the website added.

"This temporary space covers three floors, classically SoHo with columns down the middle. The main floor is awash in 27-inch screens and plug-ins of all sorts. Brick and black steel abound. But rather than the ubiquitous glass stairways to heaven, here big wooden treads go up and down."

Apple's former Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Ron Johnson may have helped in the opening of this temporary location. He now works as the President of JC Penny.

Apple has not provided any statement on when the temporary store will close and the planned reopening of the first SoHo store location.

The video below shows the Fifth Avenue Apple Store: