Finding Carter Season 2 Renewed, Canceled? MTV Renew Series But Release Date Still Unknown

Wikimedia Commons/Image

American teen drama series, Finding Carter, has been renewed by MTV for a second season earlier this month, although MTV has not announced the premiere date for the second season. However, analysts close to the show have indicated that the new season will be coming sooner rather than later.

The first season premired on July 8, 2014 and is still currently running. The season finale is slated for a September 16 premiere date on MTV.

Finding Carter is a television show that follows Carter, a young girl living with her single mother Lori until a police raid at a carnival ride she had broken into. It was revealed that Lori is not Carter's real mother but abducted her when she was a child.

The show revolves around Carter's search for Lori despite having been returned to her biological family. Her biological mother, Elizabeth however, has vowed to look for Lori to punish her for kidnapping her daughter. Her biological father on the other hand is secretly finishing the sequel to his book about Carter's disappearance.

Currently, the coming of age drama is the number one new cable series popular with teens and people between the ages of 20-34.

MTV has not released any kind of hints regarding the plot line of the second season and the rumor mill has not produced any substantial indications of where the plot may move. Since the first season is still on-going, the rumors and speculation might not arise until the series actually ends on September 16.