Finding Freedom From Emotional Turmoil

 Dr. Charles Stanley, 81-year-old pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, knows a thing or two about anxiety and the fear of rejection. When he was just starting out over 40 years ago as pastor of the Georgia megachurch, he was scared to death he would end up looking like a failure and being severely criticized.

Although he dealt with that issue throughout most of his ministry, Stanley says he finally found freedom when he confronted those fears and turned them over to God.

"I want you to find liberty from your apprehensions as well," the In Touch Ministries leader writes in his latest book, Emotions: Confront the Lies. Conquer with Truth. The megachurch pastor and former two-term Southern Baptist Convention president writes in the new book that everyone grapples with deep and seemingly overwhelming emotions in life, and gives examples of King David, the apostle Paul and even Jesus Christ experiencing such moments.