Fire Bay Bridge: Big Rig Fire Closes Down I80 in San Francisco (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A fire on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco has closed down two lanes on the Interstate 80 skyway near downtown SF, according to reports.

(Photo: KPIX 5 Screen Shot)A fire on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco has caused huge delays on the I80.

The fire was caused by a big rig, and caused havoc for traffic on Monday morning.

It is reported that a truck driver pulled over to the side of the road with a flat tire at about 5.45 a.m. local time on Monday. However, the driver quickly realized that his truck's engine was on fire, according to SF Gate.

The driver was able to quickly get out and run away from the spreading fire to safety. It is reported that within just a few minutes the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames, as emergency services arrived on the scene to try and deal with the incident.

Eye witnesses have described that the smoke and fire from the blaze was visible from far around and from the freeway.

The rig was transporting groceries from Castro Valley to South San Francisco, however, it is reported that everything the semi-truck was carrying was burned and totally destroyed from the fire.

No one was injured in the incident, according to reports.

However, the incident did force authorities to announce to drivers at 9 a.m. that they should expect journey times crossing the Bay Bridge to be about an hour longer than usual due to the fire.

Emergency workers were eventually able to put out the blaze, and investigators moved in to the scene to do their work before the area was deemed safe to fully reopen traffic.

Traffic on the I-80 reportedly reached as far back as Carlson Boulevard in Richmond.

Here is a video of the big rig fire that closed down parts of the I80 on Monday morning: