Flash Mob at Wal-Mart Destroys Merchandise, Terrorizes Customers, Shoots Guns (VIDEO)

Flash mobs have been growing in popularity over the past few years by attracting large groups of people to come together to dance and sing, but a recent flash mob in Florida overran a local store, terrorizing customers and destroying merchandise.

A Wal-Mart in Jacksonville was the site of a flash mob when 300 teenagers descended upon the store after police officers disrupted a party they were attending close by.

According to a police report, the mob destroyed an electronic anti-shop lifting security scanner that costs about $1,500. The police report also detailed the massive crowd could have arrived at the store after a party that was broken up.

Local crime analyst Ken Jefferson explained that in any situation where there is a crime and when there is a large gathering of people, who may or may not be intoxicated, it is a very serious and dangerous situation.

"You've got a large number of people going and coming at the same time they are throwing produce," Jefferson said.

"They are stealing items, they are all over the store," he added. "You can imagine how fearful the customers were who were in there at that particular time."

A party that was underway nearby was disrupted after an individual was shot in the leg which alerted authorities to the scene, according to TheBlaze.com. The flash mob was reportedly comprised of members of that disbanded party.

One of the individuals of the flash mob uploaded a video to YouTube video which showed the mob throwing food and merchandise around the store.

There are also reports of gunshots being fired outside of the store, but no customers or vehicles were hit, according to The Florida Times-Union.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office has yet to make any arrests, but the incident remains under investigation. If any person is suspected of involvement they could face criminal charges.