Flight Attendants Fight Forces Plane Into Emergency Landing

A flight attendants fight has forced a Chicago-bound plane to return to its point of departure shortly after take-off on Wednesday morning.

According to The News & Observer of Raleigh, the drama unfolded when a fight broke out between two flight attendants just after the United Airlines flight took off from Raleigh/Durham.

Mindy Hamlin, RDU spokeswoman, has told the News & Observer: "Our law enforcement team was notified by the tower that the captain had requested law enforcement to meet the aircraft. The aircraft had gotten about 50 miles out when he reported a possible assault on the aircraft."

The fight reportedly was sparked by an earlier disagreement between the two flight attendants. That seemingly left both with underlying anger towards one another, and when the two attendants brushed past one another on the flight the fight escalated further, according to RDU spokeswoman Hamlin.

Shortly after the fight the flight captain decided that he would turn the Boeing 737-800 around and return United Flight 1214 back to its point of departure.

The plane eventually touched back down at the same airport as it had taken off from just 40 minutes after taking off.

According to reports no punches were actually thrown in the fight, and no arrested were made.

The incident is just the latest in what appears to be an increasingly common occurrence. Just last week a fight broke out between two other flight attendants on American Airline affiliate American Eagle.

That incident ended up delaying a New York to Washington DC flights for more than four hours.