Flood at Oscars 2013: Leaky Toilet Nearly Ruins Red Carpet Gowns (PHOTOS)

An overflowing toilet caused access to the second floor of the Dolby Theater to be blocked off on Sunday just 45 minutes before the 85th Academy Awards was to take place.

The leaky toilet soaked a section of the second floor carpet at the theater on Sunday night, causing panic among over a dozen janitors, who rushed over to fix the mess.

The workers in "black pants and suit jackets," according to the Los Angeles Times, "used wet-vacs and squeegees to soak up the water from the green-and-tan patterned carpets." Access to a portion of the second floor had to be blocked off and guests who were having a drink at nearby bar were asked to relocate to a downstairs bar.

Pictures of the massive leak revealed a stretching puddle of water that extended dangerously close to the gowns of some celebrities. A water pipe leaked was blamed for the mishap, according to TMZ. Many alleged that the leaked sewage water likely created quite a stink.

After the incident was cleared, the rest of the 85th Academy Awards appeared to go on without a hitch. Ben Affleck, who was snubbed after not earning a nomination for Best Director, was redeemed after his film "Argo" won Best Picture.

Adele also put on a performance that stunned the crowd just before she accepted an Oscar for Best Original Song. Daniel Day Lewis took home the award for Best Actor in "Lincoln," and Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for her role in "Silver Linings Playbook."

With Affleck out of the way, Ang Lee won Best Director for his work on "Life of Pi." No celebrity gowns were harmed in the process of the flood and clean up.