For Tim Tebow, It's a New Team, New Season But Same Sports Media Drama

(Photo: Reuters)

For Tim Tebow, it's a new team and a new season but the same drama when it comes to NFL analysts scrutinizing his every move – this time with the New England Patriots during training camp.

Much like with his former team, the New York Jets, speculation as to how exactly the Patriots will use the so-called "polarizing" Christian quarterback is rampant. Will Tebow make the team? Will he play tight end? Will he ever throw a pass? Will coach Bill Belichick address Tebow's huge fan base wisely, if at all?

Boston media has been all over "Tebow Watch 2013," including giving Bostonians a refresher "course" on what all the fuss is about in regards to the Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Florida and former Denver Broncos player.

The Boston Globe assured its readers that "It's OK Boston, we understand your confusion," in regards to why the Patriots took a chance on Tebow. The paper gave seven bullet points on Tebow facts and analysis. Two of the points were in regards to his faith.

"His religion and upbringing is a big part of who he is," the Globe reported. "And that, more than his football success in college, is why he has become a cultural phenomenom with a Q score similar to Michael Phelps, David Beckham, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr."

After relating a few altruistic stories about Tebow, the Globe's sports writer states, "You never quite know who the athletes are behind closed doors, but Tebow appears to be genuine and the real deal."

NFL reporter for the Globe, Ben Volin, writes "don't believe the hype" when it comes to anticipating that Tebow will switch from the quarterback position.

"Ninety-nine percent of Tebow's activity during his time with the Patriots has been spent learning to play quarterback in the team's system," writes Volin. "He has only spent time in the quarterback meeting room, he wears a red non-contact jersey on the field and he runs the third-team offense during team drills."

He adds, "But Tebow spends five minutes each practice with the skill players in one drill – the player turns back, catches a pass and heads up field while being chased by two defenders – and suddenly ESPN and the NFL Network and the internet is abuzz about Tebow taking on a 'slash' type of role with the Patriots, like the Jets attempted to do with him last year.

"Hate to burst everyone's bubble, but Tebow isn't preparing to play tight end, fullback or any other position except quarterback."

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said the team is only including Tebow in the catch-and-run drill because all scrambling quarterbacks need work as ballcarriers as well.

"He's put in a lot of time and effort to improve his individual skill set to play the position of quarterback in our offense, and I think every day is a learning tool for him," McDaniels said of Tebow, the Globe reported. "It's hard to gauge things at this point, but he's going to do all those things, and I'm sure he'll listen and take the coaching the way he always has and try to work to get better every day."